NI Modular Instruments Python Documentation


The nimi-python repository generates Python bindings (Application Programming Interface) for interacting with the Modular Instrument drivers. The following drivers are supported:

  • NI-DCPower (Python module: nidcpower)
  • NI-Digital Pattern Driver (Python module: nidigital)
  • NI-DMM (Python module: nidmm)
  • NI-FGEN (Python module: nifgen)
  • NI-ModInst (Python module: nimodinst)
  • NI-SCOPE (Python module: niscope)
  • NI Switch Executive (Python module: nise)
  • NI-SWITCH (Python module: niswitch)
  • NI-TClk (Python module: nitclk)

It is implemented as a set of Mako templates and per-driver metafiles that produce a Python module for each driver. The driver is called through its public C API using the ctypes Python library.

nimi-python supports all the Operating Systems supported by the underlying driver.

nimi-python follows Python Software Foundation support policy for different versions. At this time this includes Python 3.7 and above using CPython.


Driver specific installation instructions can be found on Read The Docs:


We welcome contributions! You can clone the project repository, build it, and install it by following these instructions.

Support / Feedback

The packages included in nimi-python package are supported by NI. For support, open a request through the NI support portal at

Bugs / Feature Requests

To report a bug or submit a feature request specific to NI Modular Instruments Python bindings (nimi-python), please use the GitHub issues page.

Fill in the issue template as completely as possible and we will respond as soon as we can.

For hardware support or any other questions not specific to this GitHub project, please visit NI Community Forums.


Documentation is available here.

Additional Documentation

Refer to your driver documentation for device-specific information and detailed API documentation.


nimi-python is licensed under an MIT-style license (see LICENSE). Other incorporated projects may be licensed under different licenses. All licenses allow for non-commercial and commercial use.

gRPC Features For driver APIs that support it, passing a GrpcSessionOptions instance as a parameter to Session.__init__() is subject to the NI General Purpose EULA (see NILICENSE).

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